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The Bodyshop - Regional Manager


What a delight it’s been to be working with Harrison.

Harrison has hosted two online masterclasses for us now and perfectly filmed and edited a two minute video of our annual Bodyshop training.


The first masterclass was an insight into becoming comfortable on camera which we held via zoom. We can certainly say that every delegate on the call took something from it! Harrison has the ability to put everyone at ease, to ensure everyone is comfortable enough to ask questions and to take away the confidence to try new things.


The second masterclass was around social media, and we streamed this into our team training group on Facebook. He was engaging, he grasped attention and gave fantastic content. The feedback from the delegates has been fabulous!

When filming our conference, he made a room full of 80 women feel comfortable in his presence, and in particular the speakers, we often forgot he was there!

Thank you so much for going above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect for us. We will definitely be using Harrison in the future to deliver training to our teams/film for us, both virtually and hopefully in person too!

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