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What is this all about?

#FilmItFeb is a free video challenge to encourage amazing business owners like you, to put out more video content in 2023.

With 86% of marketers saying that video has helped them generate leads, it's no surprise that more & more businesses are investing their time & money into video already in 2023.


You are not being thrown in the deep end, do not panic!

I will be providing you with:

📹 Content ideas every week
📹 Tips & tricks for making video creation easier
📹 Prizes for those that demonstrate creativity & get results

So what's next?

To get the full #FilmItFeb experience, I need you to put your email in below.


You will be added into the exclusive Slack Channel.

This is where all participants can mingle with each other, but most importantly, it's how I'll send all of the key bits of info to you throughout the challenge.

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